A Comfortable Newborn Photography Experience

I have recently refurbished my studio with newborn parents in mind. My studio is cosy, warm and comfortable and has everything any newborn parent needs. Help yourself to a complimentary flavoured coffee in the form of Nescafe sachets. Log into the WIFI, snack on a biscuit or grab a sweet, let me do all the work, put your feet up and relax.

Wow, Just Wow. LOVE the yellow sofa and the way all the props, blankets, hats and headbands were laid out for us to choose from. We took our own nappies and wipes but there was really no need. The studio came fully equipped with a changing table, a selection of wipes, cotton wool, hand sanitiser and nappies. Katrina really has thought of everything.  (Jessica Falmon 2018)

My Props

I have a large selection of swaddle wraps in different colours and materials. I have buckets, crates, baskets, bowls, wooden props, headbands, and a large range of coloured furs, blankets and backdrops.

When to Book

Ideally you should book your newborn session in whilst you are still pregnant, this will ensure availability around your due date and give you time to plan and discuss your session. Free consultations are available and studio visits are welcomed.

As soon as your little one arrives get a friend, family member or your partner to let me know so that I can send you over all available dates within the 2 week time scale.

We visited the studio before we booked and we fell in love with the variety of props on offer. The studio has a calming vibe about it and Katrina really knows her stuff, I knew in the first instance that we made the right choice putting our trust in Shutter Hire to document our babies first few days of life. (Lucas Palmer 2018)

Does Age Matter?

Newborn photography needs to be scheduled before the baby reaches 2 weeks old. The ideal age is between 6-10 days old.

Once your baby reaches two weeks old they will have a growth spurt. They will be more alert, start stretching out more and typically become more fussy and harder to pose. Getting that sleepy state becomes a lot more difficult and those curled up “womb-like” photographs are harder to achieve.

All babies are different and I will still photograph older babies, I just prepare parents in advance that the outcome may be different, that way they have realistic expectations.

Newborn Photographer Cardiff

What to Bring

  • Plenty of Nappies and Wipes (I won’t reuse a nappy even if it’s slightly soiled)
  • Plenty of Milk (Your little one may be hungrier than usual or want to feed for comfort)
  • A Dummy (If applicable) Even if you haven’t used one, just for the time that I’m posing him/her it usually really helps. However if you really prefer that we don’t use one, that’s fine as well.
  • A Blanket (To keep little ones warm between prop transitions)
  • A Change of Clothes for Yourself (If you’re having parent photographs)
  • Snacks/Lunch/Food/Drink (Newborn sessions can last up to 4 hours)

Time of Day

From experience I have found that it’s best to schedule newborn sessions in the morning. This seems to be the best time for settling little ones, the worst time being late afternoon. Therefore my newborn sessions are always scheduled between 9:30am-3pm.

Parents and Siblings

Parent and sibling photographs are included in all my newborn sessions. If you’re planning on bringing a young sibling it is best to arrange for a family member or close friend to collect them once their photographs have been taken, this will make it easier for me to concentrate of the baby afterwards.

newborn and sibling photograph

Studio Temperature

For the majority of the session your baby will be undressed so the studio needs to be kept very warm. I use one fan heater in the area I am shooting and one in the are you will be sitting.

Studio Noise

Newborns find silence very unsettling because they’re used to hearing the gurgles and constant noises inside the womb. Therefore there will be constant sound being played by a white noise machine. It is important to keep talking and noise to a minimum whilst I am posing or settling your little one to avoid startling or disturbing him/her.

Patience Is Key

Your baby will ultimately dictate how long a session will last.

Please sit back, relax and enjoy your session and let me work with your baby. There may be times I will need your assistance, if so I will ask. Feel free to come over and take a look once your little one is posed but it is important you don’t obstruct the lighting.

Safety First

It is important for you to know that the upmost importance is placed on the safety of your baby.

All linens are washed and the studio is sanitised before every session and I will not schedule a photo session if I am sick.

I am trained in newborn posing and safety and I’m fully insured. Typically I attempt a pose or prop 3 times, after that I will move on. I will never force a pose or intentionally cause discomfort.

After The Session

Your photographs will be edited to a high standard and presented to you in a password protected gallery. You can select the images you wish to purchase in your own time. You can upgrade your package or purchase extra images if you wish.

Keep In Touch

During your session you will be given a newborn photography welcome pack. Inside you will find a £25 voucher with a one year expiry. You may use this voucher to return or gift it to a friend/relative.

newborn photography