So my little man is starting school this Friday 8th September 2017! How did he get so big? This really is an emotional time for any mother. Even taking him to buy his uniform brought a tear to my eye.

I’ve really made the most of my time spent with him this year. We’ve been been to Turkey and Italy, we’ve also visited friends in Birmingham and Northampton. We even set up a little Youtube channel to try and document some fun things we’ve done together, you can find this channel by clicking here.

Me and Oliver love to travel together, taking advantage of the term time travel prices, but now that’s all due to change. Hopefully we’ll still get chance to explore the world together, as it’s something we’re both passionate about. If you want to read some blogs about our recent travel together you can find them by clicking here.

Back To School Photoshoot

Oliver’s not too happy about the thought of attending a new school. He gets upset when we mention it, but I’m sure that will all change once he’s started going and playing with his new friends.

I decided that I wanted to remember how he looked at 4 years old in his fresh new uniform, so I set up these “back to school” photo sessions. If you wish to do the same for your little ones then you still have to book in. Contact me by clicking here. Cardiff Family Photography.

a boy sat next to a step ladder in his school uniforma close up of a boy peeking his eyes over a bookboy leaning on a tower of books with the caption back to schoolboy in school uniform with a light bulb above his headboy standing in his school uniform


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