Family Photoshoot at Salcey Forest in Northampton.

Natasha and Zakk have two children. Rose, 3 and Elliott, 2. We took a stroll through Northamptonshire’s Salcey

Forest for a family portrait session. The session was relaxed and informal, starting with a walk to explore the surroundings.

Strolling Through The Forest

Whilst walking I managed to capture some natural photographs, including two adorable Daddy Daughter snaps.

The Children

I managed to capture a photo of the children holding hands, what an adorable moment.

It was a very hot sunny day with the sun glaring through the trees creating some fantastic shadows and

lens flares which were great to work with.

Smoke Grenades

It was such a nice ‘wind free’ day that I decided to find a quiet clearing in the woods to let off some smoke grenades.

These are perfectly safe to use if the couples are guided in how to hold them and what to do.

They can also cause staining to clothes if not held correctly. If you’re going to use smoke grenades in

a public place it is best to let the council or park attendants know. The grenades could be mistaken for a flare

or emergency call for help.

Family Portraits

I used the same clearing by a fallen tree to take some family snaps. Finding somewhere dry and comfortable

for children to sit in a forest can often prove difficult, a fallen tree is always an added bonus.

Tree Top Walk

Our stroll took at to a tree top walk. The sun shining through the trees creates a magical scene.