Recently my Mum asked me “why do you always have to take a photograph of everything?”

When I see a moment, no matter how insignificant it may seem to the naked eye, I believe in preserving the memory.

There are those who do photography and there are those who are photographer’s all of the time.

I dedicate a lot of my time and have dedicated a significant chunk of my life to the art of photography. The reason for this is from a young age I fell in love with the idea of preserving feelings. A photograph can tell a story of precious moments that would otherwise be forgotten, whether they be of love, sadness or joy.

In the end all we have left are memories.

Wedding Photography

I love wedding photography because I love people. Prior to the weddings I photograph I get to know a bride and groom and understand them as a couple. I believe in immersing myself in the joy and happiness of the day and in turn this allows the couple to feel at ease in my presence.

My style is very much about capturing the authenticity of their love, I want a couple to forget I’m there and in turn make the moments I capture about them. This allows my images to show real emotion.