Penarth Beach

Lauren and James’ Penarth engagement photoshoot took place in March 2017. They are due to be wed this weekend, Saturday 21st October! The photoshoot began on a windy afternoon on the beach with the tide out. I allowed the family to get used to the camera with some relaxed shots before I attempted anything posed.

Engagement sessions are really important to have prior to the wedding, especially for couples who are not used to having their photographs taken. My engagement photoshoots allow me to get to know a couple and the bride and groom  always agree that it helped them feel more relaxed about their wedding photos.

a family of four on a beach with a pier behind thema couple stood leaning against a wall on a beach

Smoke Grenades

Smoke grenades are included with my engagement photoshoots. It is often weather dependant as wind can cause issues. They add fun and colour to your session and the photographs look great!

a man and a woman stood on penarth beach

Cosmeston Lakes Country Park

The beach was a little windy so we decided to take a trip to Cosmeston, somewhere I love to take photographs. We managed to get a nice mix of family and couple shots.

a man and a woman embracing by a lake with swans in front of thema family of four sat down on a board walka man and a woman making a shape of a heart with their handsa man and woman embracing and looking downa man and woman holding hands with the focus on an engagement ring