James and Lauren tied the knot 21st October 2017.

This Couple

Lauren first contacted me around five years ago to document some family photographs, way back when I was still working from home. I was over joyed when she later hired me for newborn photography when her daughter Emelia arrived.

So you can imagine my excitement when the couple announced their engagement and asked me to be their wedding photographer. It has been an honour to share all these special moments with them, over the years Lauren and James have remained supportive of my work.

Bridal Preparations

The day before the wedding, nerves were taking hold. Guests were ill, I was flu stricken, the weather had taken a turn for the worst. I ensured Lauren everything would be fine, after all, weddings never go to plan!

The advice I give all my brides is this… You can plan plan plan but once the day arrives you just have to go with the flow, just remember to embrace change if needs be and put faith in the suppliers you have hired.

The preparations took place at Holm House Hotel in Penarth, a little chaotic, but that’s how I like it. Lauren was somewhat calm after speaking with me the night before, armed with umbrellas and prepared for every eventuality.

The Ceremony

Lauren and James got married in All Saints Church in Penarth. The weather held off and they enjoyed a wonderful service.

The children didn’t quite get the concept of “walk down the aisle” which added to the humour and charm of this family orientated celebration.

Take a look at the images below, you will see James’s brilliant reaction as he see’s his bride for the first time.

Braving The Wind

After the ceremony I rounded up the Bride, Groom and some family members and took them to Penarth Pier. My couple’s are warned at their consultation that I am the type of photographer that will brave adverse conditions for a fantastic image,

it’s not for everyone but that’s why it’s important to get to know your photographer and choose someone who’s style you love. I ask that wellies are at hand as a back up plan… Lauren and James were no exception to the rule, and they were good sports too.

It was cold! The wind was howling, but we achieved some lovely images that the couple adore. The official photo shoot at a wedding doesn’t have to take a long time but it is so important.

These images will become beautiful memories for years to come and it’s worth putting faith in your professional, even if it seems like a crazy idea at the time.

Alexandra Park, Penarth

We didn’t stay long at the pier, we took shelter in Alexandra park and then headed back to the church to grab a kiss under the umbrella opportunity.


The Reception

The reception took place at the Masonic Hall in Penarth. I’ve got to be honest, when the venue was first mentioned to me I was a little confused. The Masonic Hall isn’t the most photogenic building and it’s surrounded by a gravel car park.

Which is why we utilised some of Penarth’s beauty spots for the official photo shoot.

When we got there I was wowed by what a fabulous job the wedding planner had done. If you too like what you see and are interested in what the company can do for your wedding, Wedding and Events by Jan is who you need to talk to.


One of Lauren’s photo requests at the time of booking was to utilise sparklers. The image she gave me as an idea was nothing like the photograph I captured on the day but that’s what being a wedding photographer is all about, creating bespoke images that allow a couples personality to shine through.

There are photoshop overlays you can purchase that will do the job nicely, but I decided to ‘get real’. Prior to the wedding I asked James to buy some sparklers, I didn’t mean buy the Vale of Glamorgan out of stock, but I suppose he wanted to be prepared.

The rain had started, it was getting dark, the wind had picked up again, the sparklers wouldn’t light, I almost didn’t think we would get the job done, but the wedding guests were more than willing to get involved.

With Lauren and James in position and the guests gathered around, we got the sparklers lit and……


Wedding Guests


The Speeches

The speeches were heartfelt and hilarious. It was also the first time that I had been mentioned in a wedding speech. I was truly touched when James presented me with a gift and spoke about how I had become a friend over the years.

These are the type of clients every business owner dreams of having and I’m thankful to be appreciated by mine!

It is also a sentiment to how kind, thoughtful and caring this couple are. Relationships are clearly very important to them both.


Take to the Dance Floor


Cutting of the Cake

My night concluded with the cutting of the cake. So I took the opportunity to get in a photo with the Bride and Groom.