Choosing A Wedding Photographer


Choosing the right wedding photographer is so important. Every couple needs  a photographer who will guarantee them excellent photos that will last a lifetime. Invest wisely, your photographer will be one of the most important vendors you hire.


My advice would be this:

  • Choose a photographer whose portfolio you love
  • Ask to see a full example wedding
  • Book a consultation to meet them in person
  • Try not to choose a photographer based on price


Your wedding day will go by in flash. You will most likely forget what happened amongst the nerves, excitement and celebrating.

Whenever I sit down with a couple to show them their photographs I always hear the words “I can’t remember that happening”.

My point being a professional and competent photographer will capture your day and all the magical moments for you to enjoy forever.


Initial Consultation:

Choosing wedding photographer who should offer you a free consultation, this is your opportunity to find out about what they have to offer.


My advice to any couple would be to take along a checklist or list of questions. You may get carried away in discussing your plans and forget to ask specifics.  If you would like anymore information don’t hesitate to contact me


Your Photographer:

Every couple is different just as every photographer is different.  Choose a photographer whose personality and style matches your requirements.  Do you want a photographer who will mingle with your guests or do you want a fly on the wall completely unobtrusive experience?

Choose a wedding photographer who is experienced and someone with the necessary equipment.

Engagement Photoshoot:

For those of your who don’t know, an engagement photo shoot is a pre-wedding session, I have seen the images used for wedding signing photos, save the date and even wedding invites.  I recommend them to couples who are generally quite camera shy, it helps take the pressure off on the big day.


An engagement photo shoot is NOT a practice run for your wedding day as they are two totally different experiences. An engagement session for me is more about getting to know your photographer, taking time out from your busy schedule to reconnect with your partner and the chance to see some professional photographs of yourself pre-wedding.



Wedding Albums:


I offer my couples a sort of a-la-carte wedding package where they choose their coverage, they can then opt for an engagement session as an extra and they can also choose an album if they wish.

The reason for this is to make my packages affordable and to cater for different requirements.


Would I recommend a wedding album? ABSOLUTELY! We are living in a digital age where photos get uploaded to a social media platform and then they are forgotten about.


The importance of a wedding album:

  • A professionally printed high quality storybook that you will look at time and time again.
  • Something to show your children, grandchildren and relatives for years to come. Sitting around the computer and iPad just isn’t the same.
  • Technology changes frequently. Couples may plan to transfer their images from an old medium to the new as it becomes out of date, but many never get round to it. Albums are made from high quality, lasting materials.


The wedding albums I offer are truly beautiful and I’ve never seen a couple disappointed by the robust and superb quality they offer. They have a lay flat design which means photographs can be printed over the centre fold.

They are bespoke and fully customisation in terms of colour, paper finish, cover material, front cover text and much more.


Delivery Time:


How many weddings does your photographer typically shoot in a year? Some will take on every job offered to them and others will limit themselves due to the edit workload. It’s important to find this out to give you an idea on delivery time scales.


I urge couples to be realistic, you’re not going to get your wedding photographs back one week later, unless this is the arrangement you have with your vendor.


Great photographs take time, don’t rush your photographer as the editing process is extremely important.

In peak wedding season it can take a photographer 4-5 months to return an edit.

I place my wedding edits in a queue in terms of who’s wedding I photographed first but I always provide a sneak peek edit of some of the best images within one week.




The Contract:


Before you pay a booking fee to your photographer ensure that you have received and read the contract of the services they’re offering. Does the photographer have insurance? What is their refund or cancellation policy?

What is their backup plan if they’re unable to attend the wedding?


Are you happy for your images to be used for portfolio use? Photographers need to showcase their work and therefor will use your images to attract future clients and referrals. Copyright of all images belong to the photographer.

If you don’t want your images to be shared your photographer may offer you a privacy option at a cost.


A contract protects both parties and is an important document to have. You should read the contract terms and conditions and ensure you’re happy with the agreement before going ahead.