I am a family photographer based in Cardiff, South Wales. I have traveled to Northampton to visit friends and decided to offer some location photography deals whilst I’m here. On the whole I recieved a fantastic response to the deals and I managed to book in 5 photoshoots.

I will be returning in the near future so if you would like to be considered for a photoshoot, and create some beautiful memories as shown below, please get in touch by clicking here. In addition you could like my facebook page by clicking here.

Salcey Forest in Northampton was suggested to me as a great picturesque location for photography. It features a treetop walk and a fallen tree which makes a great photo spot for portraits.

Not to mention the fact that the treetop way makes for a lovely stroll.

It rises to 15 metres above the woodland floor, with a crow’s nest platform at 20 metres reached by steps. If you feel it wobble and bounce, don’t worry, it is designed that way!

If you would like to find out more about Salcey Forest, you can visit the England Forestry Commission website by clicking here.

Archie Day 1

Archie joined me on two days for his portrait sessions. Day one was sunny and bright with the light bursting through the trees to create a magical scene. Archie was more interested in playing in the muddy puddles than posing.

Archie Day 2

The weather was drizzly and overcast. One year old Archie was dressed in a pair of jeans and a warm coat. It just goes to show that despite the British weather, beautiful photographs can still be achieved outdoors!

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